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You are in vegan-ecological > feeding > Yogi Tea Goodnight Vanilla Rooibos (17 Sachets)
Yogi Tea Goodnight Vanilla Rooibos (17 Sachets)
Yogi Tea Goodnight Vanilla Rooibos (17 Sachets)

Yogi Tea Goodnight Vanilla Rooibos (17 Sachets)

Brands: Yogi Tea

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Yogi Tea Goodnight Vanilla Rooibos (17 Sachets)
Yogi Tea Goodnight Vanilla Rooibos (17 Sachets)
TAX Included

Before we can sleep, we need to quiet our minds and turn off the lights in the 'thought apartment'. Thus, the mind, which has been at its peak during the day, will rest. Sweet rooibos and chamomile lovingly wrap you in their arms and leave you ready for sleep. Sweet cocoa shell and vanilla sing you a lullaby while comforting spices like cloves, ginger and black pepper wrap you up. The essence of this infusion is: “Sweet dreams”.

rooibos*, chamomile*, cocoa shells*, liquorice*, vanilla extract*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, melissa extract*, nutmeg*, rose petals*, ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*

* biological agriculture




Until today, rooibos, translated as red bush, from the legume family, is cultivated exclusively in the South African region of Cederberg. These plants, which reach two meters in height, are harvested only once a year. Rooibos tea comes from the leaves, has a mild fruity and slightly sweet flavor and is the national drink of South Africa.



Chamomile was named as the "most used herb in medicine" as early as the end of the 16th century by the famous physician and botanist Hieronymus Bock. Thanks to its numerous beneficial properties, in 1987 it was distinguished as the first "office plant of the year", and in 2002 it received the distinction of "medicinal plant of the year".


cocoa shell

The cocoa bean shell has a mild, sweet aroma similar to that of the bean itself, although it contains far fewer calories.



The "queen of spices" is among the most popular aromas in the world. It belongs to the orchid family and is native to Mexico. Its delicate flavor and complex processing make vanilla a highly appreciated spice and medicinal plant.



Palo dulce, also known as licorice, has been known since ancient times as a medicinal plant and is one of the 50 basic herbs of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is about 50 times sweeter than sugar and has a mildly sweet, tart-bitter taste. Thanks to its valuable nutrients, liquorice was chosen as the office plant of the year in 2012.



Cinnamon is one of the most expensive spices in the world and must have been used in China as early as 3,000 years BC. C. as a spice and medicinal plant. Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of the South Asian cinnamon tree, has an aromatic sweet flavor and contains numerous tannins and beneficial essential oils.



Cardamom has been one of the most popular spices throughout the Asian and Arab world for thousands of years. Its delicate aroma between spicy and sweet favors the application of cardamom in numerous dishes, from spicy curries to spicy Christmas sweets. Thanks to its essential oils and other important nutrients, cardamom is also one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world.


Named officinal plant of the year 1988, in the Middle Ages it was compulsory to cultivate it in the gardens of all monasteries. Lemon balm contains, in addition to essential oils, numerous tannins, flavonoids and mineral salts that make it an important medicinal plant. Its leaves have a fresh spicy and citrus flavor.


Nutmeg is the seed grain of the muscat fruit. It has a slightly bitter and slightly spicy aroma and has been used as a spice for many centuries. It also plays an important role as a medicinal plant: in the Middle Ages it was considered one of the most prized medicinal plants and sometimes even had to be paid for in gold. Nutmeg is to this day among the important spices in ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda.


Rose petals

Rose petals give off a perfume as magnificent as their appearance. But this majestic plant has also been appreciated as a medicinal plant for thousands of years: in the 17th century, one in three medicines included roses. Rose petals have a delicate aromatic perfume and contain, in addition to essential oils, beneficial tannins.



Ginger has been used in the Far East for more than 3,000 years as a spice and medicinal plant. It has a spicy and fruity flavor and contains, in addition to various vitamins, essential oils and valuable minerals.



Cloves are the buds of the clove tree and in our latitude they are mostly known as a spice in dishes like gingerbread or red cabbage. They belong to the myrtaceae and have an intense spicy aroma, thanks to which in ancient China and Egypt they were even paid in gold.


Black pepper

Black pepper, also known as the "queen of spices", is currently, along with salt, the most important spice in the world. It comes originally from the Malabar coast in India and has an intense spicy flavor and at the same time with different degrees of spiciness. The ancient medicine of Ayurveda recommends black pepper not only as a condiment, but also, due to its valuable substances, as a medicinal plant.



Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the bag. Leave it for 5 minutes.

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Top > vegan-ecological > feeding > Yogi Tea Goodnight Vanilla Rooibos (17 Sachets)
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